Let us Empower you in your quest for excellence in Fund Administration.

Rockelis Unity offers a comprehensive, secure, SaaS-powered solution for all your fund management needs.

You can count on us to make your investing experience more rewarding.

Versatile Infrastructure

Access to unrivaled customizability

Launch your own branded
platforms to boost engagement

Proprietary Mobile Apps

Industry-pioneering mobile

Unparalleled ease-of-use

Cloud-Based Platform

Utilize a powerful suite of integrated
financial tools

Create, manage, and exit a fund

An integrated platform for improved administrative efficiency.

Rockelis Unity provides the tools for you to streamline your back-office administrative procedures without losing sight of the bigger picture. We help you organize your priorities.

One-stop shop for your back-office requirements

Investment management with low-cost assurance

Lightning-fast administrative procedures

Guaranteed time-to-market acceleration for new funds

Simplified KYC / AML checks

Simpler filing, disclosure & compliance requirements

Zero embedded costs because we utilize software integrations

Flexible and boundless client support

Beyond The Fund Administration Basics.

Utilize A Robust Framework Of PaaS and Institutional Services


  • EAn affordable Portal and Mobile App.
  • EExpedited & streamlined procedure for launching new funds
  • ETargeted towards funds with less complexity


  • EVariable fees tailored to your needs.
  • EEnd-to-end administration for complex fund structures
  • EA service that lasts a lifetime
  • EDesigned for custom solutions & Institutional scale

Every facet of Fund Administration Will Be At Your Fingertips.





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