SaaS Powered SPV & Fund Administration Suite

An integrated investment warehouse where we handle the administrative burden while you focus on the big picture.

Our Key


We value your time

Our comprehensive fund administration services free up fund managers, asset owners, and financial sponsors to concentrate on what they do best, i.e. investments, while we handle the administrative procedures

Promotion & Provision

We’re a one-stop shop for the back-office requirements of the investment community.
If you’re looking to speed up your back-office processes, look no further than our SaaS-based platform.


Selling Proposition

Easy accessibility to
create, manage and
exit a fund online

Scope for clients to launch
their own brands and
customize the platform

High-quality leadership
with deep expertise
and experience

Unity Fund Services Fee
structure: 1-1.5% of AUM
for small fund managers

Catered to more than
100 funds and organizations
of all types and sizes

Carry forward facilities under PR tax incentives for 15 years as against 10 years globally, helping reduce dividend and capital gains taxes


Significant Challenges

Expensive Back- Office Administration

  • Fund administration necessitates the employment of expensive specialized operations, compliance, accounting, and legal personnel.
  • Currently, fund administrators demand exorbitant fees while providing inadequate (or non-existent) client support.
  • They have additional covert expenses since their software isn’t integrated.

Time-Consuming Process

  • Complex filing & disclosure requirements
  • Stringent compliance regulations
  • The burden of KYC/AML
  • Substantial periodic accounting

Strenuous Administrative Process

  • In-house administration is impractical
  • Lack of cooperation from legacy fund administrators
  • Fund managers are exposed to higher liabilities, stricter compliance, and regulations

Our Service Categories


Affordable portal designed to make investing easier.

With our SaaS-based offerings, you can get started quickly and affordably.

Moreover, they provide a simplified and quick process for introducing new funds.

These products are geared toward simpler investment portfolios

Project Discovery

Cost-effective solutions for better fund management outcomes.

The costs for our institutional services are tailored to your needs.

In addition, they include comprehensive management of intricate fund structures.

It's a service that lasts a lifetime.

These ideas were devised with tailor-made solutions and large-scale implementations in mind.


Are Ideal For

Asset Owners

We help them focus on their investment objectives with fewer distractions from their day-to-day operations.

This leads to improved performance of their portfolio, better governance, and oversight, as well as lower management costs.

Fund Managers

We provide operational support and expertise that is tailored to their specific fund needs.

This can help reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure compliance with the applicable regulations.

Financial Sponsors

We provide them with an unparalleled level of expertise when it comes to developing, implementing, and managing complex fund structures.

It is a comprehensive service with an overarching focus on getting the best results for the client.

Our Key Services


  • On-Demand Partner Capital Account Balance
  • Performance Metric Calculation
  • Waterfall Configurations


  • White labeling
  • Customized Solutions
  • Document Repository
  • Online Accreditation Checks & Services

Boutique Funds and Syndicates

  • Including Entity & Fund Formation & Maintenance
  • SEC Filings
  • Tax & VAT compliance

Co-GP Services

  • Investment advisory consulting
  • Deal Sourcing
  • Valuation

Institutional Funds

  • Auditing & Accounting
  • Compliance
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support
  • White-labeling & Portal Configuration

Add-on Services

  • Legal Advisory
  • Audit Support
  • Cross-Border Investments
  • Blockers
  • Investment Advisory