We are a team of seasoned experts determined to revolutionize the Fund Administration arena

Unity Fund Services determined to create a powerful SaaS platform to streamline fund administration solutions.

OUR CORE Philosophy


We treat your fund as if it were our own, thus handling it with extreme precision. We aim to minimize our customers’ wait time by automating as many of our services as possible.

In doing so, we hope to position ourselves as service providers who can be relied upon by our clientele, thereby fostering a feeling of trust between us and them.


For data security, we use encryption that meets ISO 27001 compliance standards. Additionally, we adhere to a number of regulatory or compliance-based guidelines. It’s done this way so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data while we serve you.

Since we are grateful for your trust, we take reasonable steps to protect your privacy. We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure the security and integrity of your data.


Unlike our competitors, we don’t wait until after you’ve hired us to make sure we meet your deadlines and provide you with an accurate quote. We do this so that you may make an educated judgement about our offerings before deciding to place your confidence in us.

We maintain full transparency from the beginning of the process so that you know we will follow through on our commitments.


In every aspect of our work, we aim for precision and detail. Since our ultimate goal is to increase client satisfaction, we place a premium on providing timely replies to client inquiries and providing top-tier service as a matter of conscience.

We consistently employ a highly rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that we deliver only the highest caliber of work.

Our Goals


Our core ambition is to employ cutting-edge technology to reform back-office administrative processes and eliminate the inconsistencies and inefficiencies that plague the fund administration industry.

We strive to build an environment where the security of your data is paramount and where we can provide the best-in-class service that sets a new benchmark for the fund administration sector.


Our long-term vision is to become the industry standard for fund administration via the use of our SaaS-based platform, which will dramatically improve operational efficiencies, customer service, productivity, and accuracy.

We will continuously enhance our platform with innovative technology and insights in order to build an outstanding customer experience.

We Are Relentlessly Client-Centric

We promise to always improve and redefine our offerings in response to feedback from our clientele.

We promise an average time saving of more than 80%.

We will also focus on continuously optimizing our work processes to be as efficient and reliable as possible so that our clients can get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Since the satisfaction of our clients is of utmost importance to us, we will strive to avoid unnecessary communication with them in order to meet their deadlines without sacrificing quality.

We Utilize Our High-End Automation Capabilities

Because of our cutting-edge automation capabilities, you can be certain that your business will reap the many financial benefits of software-powered back-office operations.

We also pay close attention to the growth and curation of our core procedures.

We use industry best practices to ensure that our automation is secure and efficient, reducing manual labor and improving accuracy.


Shankar Gupta Boddu

A proud alumnus of BITS, Pilani, Shankar is kept awake by his fascination for technological advancements, which also fuels the creative engine that keeps his mind humming throughout the day.
Expert in the field of investing with over 20 years of experience and a solid foundation in the technological industry.
Extensive expertise in providing advisory & consultations for a Fund Tech platform.
Shankar, a seasoned investor, was unsatisfied with the intricacy of private investments, and he envisioned a platform to modernize and simplify Fund Tech/admin services.

Abhiram Appalaneni
Chief Innovation Officer

Experience in equity research, operational & strategic finance, and financial modeling.
Assisted in the creation and launch of numerous private equity/venture capital funds.
Advised in the development of a blockchain & non-fungible token studio.
Prolific investor in public and private equity, commodities, and private arbitrage.

Hector Jirau, PhD, MScFE
Chief Operating Officer

Investment and Operations Director of the largest accelerator in the Caribbean, with over 350 companies mentored and 48+ companies in the investment portfolio.
Managed two fund strategies in Venture Capital with exposure to LatAM and US markets.
IAR focused on Separate Managed Accounts in Healthcare.
Series 65 & CFA Level II Candidate.

Jesus Daniel Mattei CFA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer

Over 18 years of experience in advising and administrating 50+ funds, amounting to USD 20 billion.
Over USD 25 billion in transactional experience in turnarounds and debt restructurings.
An experienced portfolio manager with an AUM of more than USD 3.5 billion.
CFA Chartered holder since 2012. Licensed CVA since 2022.

Rajendra Appalaneni
Board Member

A successful entrepreneur who has helped build over 10 enterprises in varied industries over the past 21 years.
Financial markets expert with experience in a variety of private transactions.
Exited a life sciences technology company in a Carlyle-backed merger transaction worth a mid-8 figure.
15+ years of transactional experience in international real estate.

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